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Years ago, I was looking for a local organization to support with my finances. One day my daughter, Lauren, came home and told me about a local organization that feeds the homeless. She spoke highly of those involved so I decided to see for myself.

What I found out keeps me giving to this day. I normally call it the “I’m A Blessing” organization. However, that’s not exactly what it is. “I’m A Blessing” is a brand under the We Are One Community Unity (WAOCU) organization. Its main objective is to help those less fortunate. They do this by looking for needs within the Detroit community to fill.

It all started over seven years ago when Jerry Boykin, who has a love for people, decided to answer the call to help others. Being obedient to God he started making sandwiches to pass out to the homeless. Once a week he would go out into the streets f Detroit to care for those less fortunate than him. He was and is like the postal carriers. Through rain, sleet, snow, or shine he is there.

The more he did the more he attracted others to help. To encourage more people to help and show them he was serious about helping others, Jerry established WAOCU. It is self-funded with a host of volunteers to help carry out its mission.

Feeding the Homeless

There are more than just sandwiches being passed out now. Through generous donations of chips, cookies, fruit, pizza, water, and other foods, WAOCU is able to feed the homeless every Wednesday, year round.

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Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Some food items are staples, while others are seasonal. During the winter months, soups, coffee and hot cocoa are served. Sometimes, a variety of desserts are brought to pass out. No matter what the meal is for that day, you will always hear uplifting music, laughter, “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” soaring through the air. You’ll see kindness, helpfulness, and smiles.

Every Wednesday starting at noon is when all of this joyfulness takes place. You can see their food truck proudly displaying their WAOCU logo on it with lines of people waiting to be served. This happens at two locations – on Peterboro just west of Woodward and at the Rosa Parks Transit Center immediately following.

Going Beyond Feeding the Homeless

But that’s not all they do. Over the years, they have given away cars to struggling parents and a home to a family. They also mentored youth to help them stay on track with a positive lifestyle.

Jerry understands that if he helps someone, he/she may in turn help someone else. Helping is contagious. A young man being mentored may grow to teach his own children how to be responsible productive adults. A person who received a car may give someone walking a ride. The cycle of kindness will forever be repeated.

I’m A Blessing Clothing Brand

Jerry calls this type of kindness a blessing. He believes it’s his job to be a blessing to others, who in turn, will be a blessing to someone else. To spread this message Jerry establishes the “I’m A Blessing” clothing brand. Not only will it be a conversation starter, it will also help fund their endeavors to continue to be a blessing.

Lauren Mari Cosmetic Family Gives Back

We as a family have been supporting this organization for several years now with our time and money. Jerry is one of those people who genuinely cares for others. He is always trying to do good to other people. He puts his own money in to make sure people have what they need. Now that’s honorable. He’s putting his money where his mouth is so to speak.

After watching him for several years, seeing his character and integrity, seeing how others are willing to help him, we can attest that any money, donations, or time you give will be used properly and be appreciated greatly.

Support We Are One Community Unity

To buy “I’m A Blessing” products, go to the I’m A Blessing Store. To learn more about them or make a donation, go to I’m A

Here’s to helping others.

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